The Truth About “WayneComm” by Professor Fred Vultee

The Communication Research Labs which is often referred to as, “Waynecomm”is a website put on by the Department of Communication to research different studies. According to the waynecomm website it says, “The studies include, surveys, experiments, or pilot tests of future texts or videos.” Also according to the website it says, “As a general rule, students are awarded extra credit for their voluntary participation in research studies.”

In order to participate in the research studies, students must go to the research laboratory (located on third floor of Magnoogian Hall at Wayne State University), at a particular time. Students can easily look for a full range of experiments that are offered on the website. It will display the time and place that the research study that will be taking place. Each research time are set differently, they can range from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes. Each experiment is different, they could be about a students feelings on a certain ad whether it be political or non-political. If students aren’t able to attend to a specific time that they signed up for they can log in to the system and cancel the appointment (usually up to 24 hours to cancel).

A student could have the opportunity to earn a total up to 10 points for participating in the study. The research studies are offered every semester. Participants must be a student at Wayne State University, along with providing an email address and a WSU access ID. In order to register for any research studies you must  visit the “Waynecomm” website (the link will be provided below), and simply set up an account. Below are some video clips from Dr. Fred Vultee who is the head of the communication research lab. In the first video he is discussing the purpose of the research lab. The second video he is explaining how Waynecomm conducts their research.

Dr. Vultee Discusses the Purpose of the Waynecomm lab

Dr. Vultee explains how Waynecomm research is conducted

Click to access research_instructions_participant.pdf

2 thoughts on “The Truth About “WayneComm” by Professor Fred Vultee

  1. Research is how we learn right? Research is something many college students say they hate to do but, research is a very important part of our lives. I think that it’s a great thing that students can be part of research at Wayne State University, I feel like being a part of the educational process helps students in retaining the knowledge acquired during their college lives. The professor’s comments tap on a bit of motivation, even a hunger within me to learn more.


  2. Adrian, I love the post about Wayne Com Lab! I actually never knew it existed so this is some new information to me. I was a little confused when you said, 10 points for doing the study. I realized after I watched Dr. Vultee that 10 points meant you could get extra credit in a particular class. Does your teacher have to be involved with the program in order to receive those extra points? I know I would like to get some extra points in a few of my difficult classes.

    I would recommend putting the link up higher in the article because I wanted to go to the site when you started talking about it. I had to wait to get to the bottom of the article in order to click on the link. It also may have looked a little nicer if you embedded the link behind a phrase instead of the copy and pasted link.

    Have you ever done anything for extra credit with this site through Wayne, Adrian? I’m curious what you thought of the whole process, was it fun or hard or time consuming? I was also curious about the process to get a study on the site.

    Here are some principles for research ethics that I thought were interesting.

    Thanks for your article!


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