Going Viral Book Review


What does it mean to you for something to “Go Viral?” The authors Karine Nohan and Jeff Hemsely answers that question along side many others in this publication. In the text it says when it comes to virality, “Speed and Reach” are cited as the qualities of it, also sharing and word of mouth makes an event even more viral. In the text the first mentioning of someone going viral was the arrest of Rosa Parks, but at that time they had telephones, handbills (flyers), and the word of mouth in which caused forty-thousand people to quit ridding the bus.

In today’s information age there are various social media sites available such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. Nohan and Hemsely describes these sites as, “The new information ecosystem, an individual can share information that can flash across our digitally supported social networks with a speed and reach never before available to the vast majority of people.”

What I found most memorable

The book explains everything from gatekeeping (Hubs), viral content, and the afterlife of an viral event. The main point that I found most memorable is chapter 4. “What is everyone looking at?”  This particular chapter  explains the reason that audiences makes certain things go viral. This particular part of the book stood out to me because this chapter explains that the type of content that goes viral falls under the category of humor, surprise, or emotion, and everything that that I’ve noticed that has went viral usually fell under those categories.

 Illustrating my point.

In chapter four, on page 63. The text says, “Emotional aspects are one set of factors that can make content remarkable. But information characteristics, like humor, surprise, novelty, resonance, and quality, can influence our decision to share as well.”

Going Viral’s Strengths and Weaknesses 

I will says that one of the major strengths of the book is the amount of information that the authors provides for the reader. The graphs, charts, and statics explains to the reader why a certain event goes viral. As far as weaknesses, I cannot find one. I found the book to be very enlightening and very refreshing, so all and all the book is a good source of information. I enjoyed the book, I thought that it gave me a great insight on how things go viral to a wide audience.




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