Bake Sale to raise Awareness

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Wayne State University’s chapter of Phi Alpha National Honor society, held a bake sale event for the March of Dimes. Academic advisor for the school of social work Shantalea Johns says, “This is the first year that we’ve held the bake sale, and we wanted to do our part in raising funds and bringing awareness toward premature babies. The two day event was held on the first floor of Old Main, and throughout the day there were a handful of people that were in attendance. Vice president of Phi Alpha, BreAnna Plummer says, “Our overall goal is to raise a hundred dollars, and so far we have raised nearly half of that.” Based on the location of the bake sale, the event was well received. What makes this event so remarkable is that it helps raise awareness about the rate of premature babies being born. Another thing that makes this event important is that this event is the setup for an upcoming March of Dimes walk in April at Wayne State. Links and other additional information below:

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